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The Rinpa Foundation is a not for profit 501 (c)3 educational corporation devoted to received teachings cultivating ethical spirit, healthy body, and creative mind. On the most basic level, the teachings are physical arts utilizing traditional time tested classical techniques to promote self defense within the differing landscapes of the third millenium. For the ordinary practitioner, the teachings develop an awareness of the movement potential of the human  body.  Within the dynamics of any confrontational situation, whether on a personal, interpersonal, or in group applications, the teachings may also apply. For the superior practitioner, it offers a well defined philosophy for living simply and completely in an extremely complicated and increasingly confusing world.

The specific purposes for which this corporation is organised are:

1. To promote the experience  of a creative mind and an ethical spirit in a healthy body.
These include:

*a. Translate, publish, and distribute literature, procedures, audio/visual aids, and multimedia applications of the teachings.

*b.To publish and distribute a Quarterly Newsletter.

*c. To sponsor workshops, seminars, classes, retreats, and advanced training sessions.

2. To provide a place where teachers and students can engage in short- and long-term retreats in North America.

3. Be a setting where teachers and students can work on specific projects such as writing, filming, editing, and publishing.

4. Serve as long-term livng quarters for a caretaker and resident teachers.
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